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Nov 3

Cool Tool For Bike Riders - Trip the Sensor at Traffic Lightsposted in Superbike on Nov 3rd 2010 at 12:12pm.

Looking around for cool Christmas presents for my biker friends, I ran across a cool tool - the Light Knight, which trips the sensor at traffic lights when you arrive there alone. From their site:

"A lot of traffic lights use buried sensors to detect when a vehicle is present. Left turn lanes are the most popular places but some secondary roads have lights that only turn green when there's a vehicle waiting.

How frustrating has it been for you to wait and wait, watching all the other lights cycle, but never allowing you to have your turn? There are just not enough solid steel parts on a motorcycle to trip the sensors. That's what it's all about - ferrous metal (steel) that the buried sensors can "see."

These buried sensors work a lot like a metal detector, relying on "seeing" some metal to interrupt their magnetic field to let them know someone is there to activate the traffic light changer circuitry. There just are not enough steel parts in a motorcycle for the sensors to see you. If they can't see your bike, they'll never change for you.

The Light Knight easily attaches to any motorcycle, out of sight and out of the way. Once you install one, you'll forget it's there... until you remember how tricky it used to be to get through traffic lights."

Read here for more info.

At only $13.95, this makes a great stocking stuffer - I'll be picking some up.

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